30 years

a critical milestone in an extraordinary
entrepreneurial and scientific story.

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HTL Biotechnology, a pioneer in the production of Hyaluronic Acid

HTL Biotechnology’s creation stems from the entrepreneurial ambitions of a group of scientists whose objective was to disrupt the world of biopolymers with concrete innovations. The journey started with the creation of two companies, Javenech and Caref: one to extract and purify marine-derived biopolymers used by pharmaceutical companies to manufacture drugs for human use, the other to control their quality. While these companies were successful, their founders were convinced that the future of biopolymers for pharmaceutical products would based on a bacterial strain, allowing to on fermentation, not animal extraction.

After years of research and a partnership with a local public institution, they managed to define a biofermentation process based on a bacterium, streptococcus equi, allowing to produce high-quality biopolymers without animal extracts. HTL Biotechnology was launched in 1992 to implement this manufacturing process, which was radically different from common practices at the time. Quickly, this new high-quality biofermented Hyaluronic Acid with a unique fiber form started to be used by the most important pharma companies in the world.

By 2006, after years of research and refining, HTL Biotechnology was able to produce its first batch of pharmaceutical grade biofermented Hyaluronic Acid, allowing to switch its focus entirely towards the healthcare market.

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HTL Biotechnology, expert in pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic Acid

HTL Biotechnology entered a new dimension. Thanks to the know-how and commitment of HTL Biotechnology's teams in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction, HTL Biotechnology’s Hyaluronic Acid started to be used in treatments by millions of patients around the world.

To meet the growing demand, the company invested massively: in production facilities and quality controls to keep on guaranteeing the best product quality, but also in a brand-new R&D facility – HTL3 – which put HTL Biotechnology at the forefront of innovation in the field of biopolymers.

This allowed HTL Biotechnology to develop a state-of-the-art biopolymers platform which provides customized biopolymers solutions to the healthcare industry worldwide in therapeutic areas including ophthalmology, medical aesthetics,

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HTL Biotechnology, world leader in the production of pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic Acid

HTL Biotechnology became a world class company in the biopolymer sector thanks to an exponantial growth nurtured by  several factors: the unique know-how of HTL Biotechnology teams, the loyalty of its customers; as well as significant investments in production, innovation, and international expansion.

The inauguration of HTL4 represents a key milestone from this period. As the world’s largest production facility for Hyaluronic Acid, HTL4 symbolizes HTL Biotechnology’s long-term ambitions as well as its commitment to secure the supply of its clients. A state-of-the-art bioproduction facility, HTL4 highlights HTL Biotechnology’s historic know-how and combines it with cutting-edge innovations in terms of digitization and automatization.

Beyond production, HTL Biotechnology also amplified its R&D strategy through internal investments, partnerships with some of the world leading research institutes in the world, as well as the launch of its own incubator to accelerate the growth of innovative biotechs in the biopolymer sector to answer to unmet medical needs through the use Hyaluronic Acid in critical areas such as drug delivery or bioprinting.

HTL Biotechnology is positioned as a responsible pioneer in its sector. Through an ambitious long-term strategy, HTL Biotechnology aims to reduce its environmental footprint by reducing gas emissions, water consumption, energy consumption and by improving its recycling channels.

The company’s ambition is now to consolidate its global leadership and continue to provide exceptional value to its clients and their patients.

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Our ambition for the
next 30 years

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« In 30 years, HTL Biotechnology's Hyaluronic Acid will have become a reference brand for the entire pharmaceutical sector while nurturing a comprehensive platform of innovative biopolymers that will meet our customers' needs »

François Fournier

Chief executive officer

The adventure goes on !

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